Recently (like in the last couple of days) I wrote a new blog post. Tonight, I was gonna do the usual edits and post it before bed. But when I opened the app... it wasn't there. Apparently in my haste to be more consistent, I deleted everything but the title. Don't ask me how. It's … Continue reading Detours



It's been a few months since I last posted. I've been on a short journey of discovery. Discovering just who I really am, where I want to go, and what I want to accomplish. Back in January I wrote a blog about being real. I wrote about sadness, disappointment, and my struggle to make sense … Continue reading Finishing

Always There

Sitting on the shore, I sense you in the air. Wading in the sea, I feel you everywhere. Standing on the mountain, held in your embrace. Skipping thru the meadows, with a smile upon my face. Kneeling in the forest filled with trees great and tall. Realizing you were in the midst of it all. … Continue reading Always There


Standing on the edgeWaiting for a signLooking in the distanceNothing comes to mindHoping for an answerLike I have so many timesBelieving you will catch meHold me one more timeCasting cares to the windLeaving behind my tetherLeaping to the airFloating like a featherBelieving I am freeThinking of foreverYou are always thereHolding me togetherJust before I reach … Continue reading Surrounded

When Going Back Ends Up Leading Forward

I'm not really sure why it happened, but it did. I was on a path, had a plan, and now... it has changed. I was heading in the direction I thought I was supposed to go, when along the way I pulled over to think, and for some reason came to the conclusion that I … Continue reading When Going Back Ends Up Leading Forward

The Shoulder Saga – The Final Chapter!!

It's been a year and a half since I last posted about my shoulder. I continued to go to therapy three times a week for six months, and by the way had an amazing new physical therapist (Paul, thank you my friend). I also continued my home exercise plan. I did pretty much everything I … Continue reading The Shoulder Saga – The Final Chapter!!