Chasing the Wind

Chasing the Wind. Urban dictionary defines it as "A task that is meaningless. Void of purpose or virtue. A circular path, leading to no particular destination".   This is me. This is how I feel sometimes. It is like what I’ve been doing, the life I’ve been leading, has no real meaning, no purpose, no … Continue reading Chasing the Wind

These Are the Days of Our Lives

Our lives tell a story. Most of the time we hold the pen, but sometimes it seems the author is the people, things and events that come and go along the way. For some, the story will be one filled with adventure and excitement, laughter and love. For others, tragedy and pain, loss and hopelessness … Continue reading These Are the Days of Our Lives

The Shoulder Saga (Part 2)

Monday I started physical therapy on my newly repaired shoulder. Most of all I got some clarity as to what really happened to me (surgery details). I guess it's just easier for me to talk to Lee (my physical therapist) than it is to talk to my doctor.  All in all, it wasn't too terrible, … Continue reading The Shoulder Saga (Part 2)

The Election Rant

Ahh, election year, one of the most annoyingly frustrating and unfortunately necessary seasons that we must live through. Fortunately for us, this season, when we must choose a president, only comes every four years. While I get that it is something we have to go through, jeez Louise I mean really, who in the hell … Continue reading The Election Rant

Cheese and Smiles

Cheese..  Ah cheese. I love cheese, probably not as much as my best friend Stephanie, but none the less, I love cheese. You know we have American, cheddar, gouda, provolone, muenster, Swiss and probably a thousand different kinds of cheeses, but the edible kind isn't the cheese I want to talk about. You also have … Continue reading Cheese and Smiles

The Shoulder Saga

  Good Lord, this is taking forever. That's what I tell myself everyday (and anyone else who will listen). I currently work in the Operating room at a local hospital and on September 28th of 2015  I injured my shoulder while positioning a patient. When it first happened I thought "oh no biggie it just … Continue reading The Shoulder Saga

Jeffspeaks in blog form

So I've been thinking about starting a new blog separate from the Breath Of Life ministry blog that I've written on before (which has been severely ignored by us of late) and well I guess I'm doing more than thinking cause here it is. I've been mulling over some ideas for a name because you know everything … Continue reading Jeffspeaks in blog form