Change happens everyday. No two days are ever the same. We have seasons of change every year: winter, spring, summer and fall. In winter, it's cold. There's a barrenness to the outside. Life turns inward to places of comfort and warmth, holiday traditions and movies by a fire. We hibernate as we desperately wait for … Continue reading Change


Plus One

I was watching an old tv show with a friend today, and there was this one scene that kinda grabbed me and made me think. The scene was of a man who had just died, and upon his death he sees his brother in the afterlife. He, the man lived a life filled with greed, … Continue reading Plus One

The Shoulder Saga (Part 3)

So today marked the end of my third week of physical therapy. I believe I'm starting to make some noticeable progress, but to say I'm frustrated would probably be an understatement. I still have times where the pain is almost more than I can stand, and I don't have the range of motion anywhere close … Continue reading The Shoulder Saga (Part 3)