Breathing Through the Pain

BREATHE, Jeff, BREATHE. That's what my physical therapist says while he's cranking on my arm/shoulder. It's a pain unlike any other I have experienced, but I know without it, the aching pain I have may never go away; so, I endure. Life is painful sometimes. We all have things we go through: some physical, some emotional, … Continue reading Breathing Through the Pain

The Shoulder Saga (Part 5)

August 31st was the day of my Independent Medical Exam. I was initially a little upset with worker's comp for setting this appointment up without discussing my case with me. I felt slighted. After talking with some of my co-workers and some of the surgeons I work with I realized I probably could not have been in … Continue reading The Shoulder Saga (Part 5)

The Shoulder Saga (Part 4)

Wow it's been six months since I posted anything about my shoulder, and considering I said I would post in a couple weeks after my doctor's appointment well...I suppose should post an update. So much has happened but I'll try to be brief. In my last post Perspective I talked a little about how I was taken out of physical … Continue reading The Shoulder Saga (Part 4)