Ode to the Sun

I wake up every morning and see if you are near. Sometimes it's way too early and I know you won't appear. I anxiously await you to brighten up the gray. Sometimes just your presence gets me through my day. And upon your arrival your brightness draws me out. Your warmth it keeps me there … Continue reading Ode to the Sun


Taking a Risk

Let start by saying I am not much of a risk taker, and after going back through my blog, this is the third post like this that I have written.  If anyone ever played life too safe it is probably me. I never really allowed myself to be vulnerable enough to chance failing, or to … Continue reading Taking a Risk

Ending to Begin

Every ending has a new beginning, but some beginnings have no end. Life begins with a breath of air inhaled into our being, and ends with one last exhale into the atmosphere. Yet life, unmeasured by time, goes on infinitely into eternity. Love begins with that first glance, that first embrace, that first conversation, that … Continue reading Ending to Begin