I just wanna be honest and real for a minute. I've written blogs before, and they either talk about what I'm going through at the moment or about what I'm gonna do. So many people, myself included, live one life on the outside while the real one is on the inside crying in a desperate … Continue reading Real


When Going Back Ends Up Leading Forward

I'm not really sure why it happened, but it did. I was on a path, had a plan, and now... it has changed. I was heading in the direction I thought I was supposed to go, when along the way I pulled over to think, and for some reason came to the conclusion that I … Continue reading When Going Back Ends Up Leading Forward

Tunnel Vision or Eyes Wide Open?

Have you ever been on a trip? You get in the car. You set your GPS. Your destination is ahead of you, and you're off.  You begin the drive knowing the goal is your end destination. If you're anything like me, the tunnel vision turns on before you even start your engine. You race to … Continue reading Tunnel Vision or Eyes Wide Open?

The Shoulder Saga (Part 5)

August 31st was the day of my Independent Medical Exam. I was initially a little upset with worker's comp for setting this appointment up without discussing my case with me. I felt slighted. After talking with some of my co-workers and some of the surgeons I work with I realized I probably could not have been in … Continue reading The Shoulder Saga (Part 5)

The Shoulder Saga (Part 4)

Wow it's been six months since I posted anything about my shoulder, and considering I said I would post in a couple weeks after my doctor's appointment well...I suppose should post an update. So much has happened but I'll try to be brief. In my last post Perspective I talked a little about how I was taken out of physical … Continue reading The Shoulder Saga (Part 4)