Tunnel Vision or Eyes Wide Open?

Have you ever been on a trip? You get in the car. You set your GPS. Your destination is ahead of you, and you're off.  You begin the drive knowing the goal is your end destination. If you're anything like me, the tunnel vision turns on before you even start your engine. You race to … Continue reading Tunnel Vision or Eyes Wide Open?


I Wanna Let Go

I wanna let go. I wanna let go… when life seems terribly brutal and painful. I wanna let go… when I'm moving along, enjoying the things that make me happy, and it feels as though my feet are pulled right out from under me. I wanna let go… when it feels like I'm slowly bleeding … Continue reading I Wanna Let Go

Breathing Through the Pain

BREATHE, Jeff, BREATHE. That's what my physical therapist says while he's cranking on my arm/shoulder. It's a pain unlike any other I have experienced, but I know without it, the aching pain I have may never go away; so, I endure. Life is painful sometimes. We all have things we go through: some physical, some emotional, … Continue reading Breathing Through the Pain