I Wanna Let Go

I wanna let go. I wanna let go… when life seems terribly brutal and painful. I wanna let go… when I'm moving along, enjoying the things that make me happy, and it feels as though my feet are pulled right out from under me. I wanna let go… when it feels like I'm slowly bleeding … Continue reading I Wanna Let Go


Ode to the Sun

I wake up every morning and see if you are near. Sometimes it's way too early and I know you won't appear. I anxiously await you to brighten up the gray. Sometimes just your presence gets me through my day. And upon your arrival your brightness draws me out. Your warmth it keeps me there … Continue reading Ode to the Sun

Ending to Begin

Every ending has a new beginning, but some beginnings have no end. Life begins with a breath of air inhaled into our being, and ends with one last exhale into the atmosphere. Yet life, unmeasured by time, goes on infinitely into eternity. Love begins with that first glance, that first embrace, that first conversation, that … Continue reading Ending to Begin

Breathing Through the Pain

BREATHE, Jeff, BREATHE. That's what my physical therapist says while he's cranking on my arm/shoulder. It's a pain unlike any other I have experienced, but I know without it, the aching pain I have may never go away; so, I endure. Life is painful sometimes. We all have things we go through: some physical, some emotional, … Continue reading Breathing Through the Pain

The Shoulder Saga (Part 5)

August 31st was the day of my Independent Medical Exam. I was initially a little upset with worker's comp for setting this appointment up without discussing my case with me. I felt slighted. After talking with some of my co-workers and some of the surgeons I work with I realized I probably could not have been in … Continue reading The Shoulder Saga (Part 5)

The Shoulder Saga (Part 4)

Wow it's been six months since I posted anything about my shoulder, and considering I said I would post in a couple weeks after my doctor's appointment well...I suppose should post an update. So much has happened but I'll try to be brief. In my last post Perspective I talked a little about how I was taken out of physical … Continue reading The Shoulder Saga (Part 4)